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Old games to new games and everything in between!!
Mix of different video game songs ranging from dubstep remix to original soundtrack.

  • Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts (Extended Version) by ltuyetn
  • 03 - Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix (Ephixa) by Dubvolver_Ocelot
  • Tetris - Original Mix by Electrixx
  • Lavander Town (instrumental)$$SOLD$$ by Aiker Metatron
  • Pallet Town Remix by Pokemon Wi-Fi CLub
  • Want You Gone Orchestra by Portal 2
  • Song of Storms (dubstep remix) by Ephixa
  • Dearly Beloved dj-Jo Dubstep Remix by Kingdom Hearts
  • Ephixa [Zeldastep] by Dragon Roost Island Dubstep
  • Ephixa [Portal 2 Electro Dubstep Remix] by Turret Error
  • The Legend of Zelda (original mix) by Zedd
  • Passion (My Sanctuary English Version) by Kingdom Hearts
  • The Space Core by Portal 2
13 tracks
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