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another world


recently, I found out that the lovely, lovely game ni no kuni is getting a sequel, and I've been trying to think up a playlist inspired by that game and its world ever since.

so here's a playlist that hopefully captures the sense of wonder, adventure, and magic that I felt the original game had. of course, this mix owes a huge debt to the work of joe hisaishi, but there's also music from yoko shimomura, john powell, and quite a few others.

50 tracks
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This is the most beautiful playlist I have listened to. It's the perfect uplifting and inspiring mood-setter. Thank you for the time you put into making this, it shows :)

happy hogwarts brought me back. the harry potter games were an instrumental part of my childhood. thx for making this playlist

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have been working on homework and suddenly I hear an Atelier series song! I recognized it right away. This playlist is gorgeous and really sets a mood. Thank you for such gorgeous playlists!

This mix is possibly the best instrumental playlist I have EVER heard.. It's perfect in every way, thank you for such amazing music :)

This is so magical and it makes me so so happy. Thank you for putting this together, it made my evening of linear algebra homework much more pleasant :)

This playlist has been seriously wonderful to write to and otherwise just relax to. Thanks so much for making it. :) Also as a random note, I've yet to play Ni no Kuni and I'm pretty sad about it...