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sleepy tunes


songs that are better when you're tired (also could alternately be a mix for sitting on a cloudy beach) ((make sure you turn down yr volume otherwise it loses the sleepy effect))

16 tracks
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aah this playlist gives me nostalgia vibes from when i would listen to this during late summer nights.. this playlist will always be my favorite, as it’s helped me get sleep and to calm down, thank you for making this playlist <3

just wanted you to know i listen to this EVERY NIGHT before i go to sleep, as part of my ritual to help me sleep better. it's so so good, would love to get a downloadable file if possible!!

hey i just wanted to say that this playlist has helped me a lot! i get a lot of anxiety and racing thoughts when i'm trying to fall asleep but this playlist always helps me to fall asleep. it's the perfect length and the songs are all the perfect mood. thank you for this