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Lost at Sea


"Mr Postman, do you have a letter for me
From my own true love
Lost at sea"

Open music box; reminisce; close music box.

Image: Les Carabiniers (1963 film directed by Jean-Luc Godard)

(a special thank you to Mademoiselle Oz who recommended the 8th track to me! )

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Beautiful stuff here, truly. Will definitely be keeping this around. I agree with everyone here there is something so magical about the sea. Mysterious, haunting, peaceful, a large mixture of emotions.

When I saw the title of this mix I wondered if you chose it because of the song... The Decemberists are one of my favourite groups.
I started to listen to it because of that and also because I love the sea. I love it so so so much!! Everytime I see it I feel like I have to save the image in my head for the time when I have to be without seeing it. When I leave I already wish to return to it. The sea is so magical...

Thank you for brightening up my day. I love this mix!

I'm really happy that this mix lived up to your expectations and to your love of the sea. Picaresque is the first album I truly fell in love with and it's very special to me.
Thank you! xx

For me, too, that one was the first I listened to. "Picaresque" and "The Crane Wife" are their best albums. I don't like the new ones at all. "The King is Dead" was pretty disappointing...
I love how everyone of their song tells a story!

this playlist is so perfect, i could listen to it for the longest time. its perfect for when i just need time by myself and just forget about everything else around me. love it<3

As I listen to it (probably for the 30th time in the past two days) I see that single moment in my life where everything I knew was being slowly engulfed in flames. It has become the soundtrack to my tragedy, in the most melancholy, beautiful way. I feel like I am 6 again. Sitting in my room, turning the crank on my snow globe over and over again, just like I used to.

The Music Box brought back so many memories. I had a snow globe when I was a child that played it. My house burned down years ago and I forgot all about it, until that moment. Thank you for bringing me back.