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You can't spell Crap without Rap

7 comments on You can't spell Crap without Rap

Wrong... Wu-Tang is very clearly Rap. Very few, if any, exceptions to that. Certainly, CREAM is a Rap song, not a hip-hop song. NWA, Public Enemy and tons of other artists produced Rap music, not hip-hop. Certainly can't call these artists "crap". You know what is crap, though, is this sh!t song on your play list entitled "It was supposed to be so easy"... Awful.

Trying to point out that there is a difference between rap and hip hop. The shit you hear on the radio by talentless artists...rap. The creative rhythms and lyrics and flows by the artists listed here... hip hop.

Ahhhhhhhhh....Drug Ballad...By Eminem...one of the top 5 greatest musicians OF ALL TIME!!!...(if you count...electronic/digital) music counting as a prerequisite of being labeled a music....TITLE DOESN"T make seeeeeeense!!!

I don't understand...you inferred that rap is crap and then you put Wu-Tang's Cream as an example?!?...are you trying to contradict yourself?