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now's the time to be alive


An eclectic fanmix for ars Paradoxica, the best found-footage Cold War time travel podcast out there, and Sally Grissom, its time-traveling scientist heroine.

11 tracks
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Hi there! My name is Julian, and I have the good fortune of being one of the writers for aP. I was having a slow day at work and thought I'd glance at your tumblr, and first, let me thank you for being such a fantastic fan. You didn't have to make this mix or do any of the other things you do while following us, but we are stunned that you did. Love the mix! Enjoyed Vanderslice immensely.

@julian-m-113903 Ahhhh, thank you! Glad you enjoy the fanmix! My compliments on your work on Ars, whatever part of it that is -- as you can probably guess, new Ars eps are one of the highlights of each month for me. :)