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Vaermina, whose sphere is the realm of dreams and nightmares, and from whose realm issues forth evil omens.

Part 11 of my Daedric Prince series.

8 tracks
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@venus413 I'm excited to hear them when they come out! A friend of mine and I are doing a series of characters each attached to a different prince and these are so great for inspiration :3

@genki_garbage Though this is probably not what you expected, she and I did end up doing something with these characters. We made teas for them xD

@genki_garbage I can't send links here (for some reason idk? But if you look up 'Prince of' one of the first ones that comes up in the suggestions is our Molag Bal blend (called Prince of Corrupted Domination), and it's in the same 'fandom' as the others :)

@paichan13 Thank you so much, I'm so happy you like them! I absolutely intend on finishing the series, the remaining Princes are just proving a little difficult in finding songs for. Mephala and Molag Bal are up next, though!