Visionary and Defender of Human Rights across the planet. A self-proclaimed multi-genre, music GURU. My passion is music from A-Z. In my opinion, every song ever written and recorded had some intention of communication, good, bad, sad, or glad. We control what we enjoy and when we desire to tune-in. We have the personal right to change the station or push the power on or off. I rarely hear the word “Hate” when relating to music. Perhaps, if Musicians were Politicians, we might have some chance to obtain World Peace. Those that wear blinders, don't possess an open mind or maybe critical of certain genres' because of misinformation or lack of self-awareness. They might be missing the pleasure, of music they never heard and might enjoy, and could further enhance their own lives with more enjoyment and happiness. Perhaps, even allow them to become kinder and more respectful to others. The passion of listening to music can never hurt, but can only help ease tension, stress, prevent depression, and self-defeat. Music lifts your spirit and soul to have fun, dance, get inspired, and chill-out to release the constant daily anxiety we all share, in an uncertain, changing world. However, freedom of choice is a higher power, equal to the air we breathe. Listen to none, some, or all, but expand your mind and listen to the music of some different genres with an open mind. You might be surprised how much more happiness that's you might have been missing, which could create more awareness of our world and provide you more inner peace with a single push of the button ON. Simply tune-in deeper than you had before. Please give it a try before you die, and maybe you'll live a little longer.
I would like to thank all my faithful followers for your continuing "LIKES" as you have noticed I have not posted a new play-mix for quite some time, however, I'm a journeyman now, traveling around the USA, and I have settled in Florida for a year or so. Expect some new interesting play-mixes, most from my traveling and meeting new people. I have waited 40 years for the quest for freedom and now, no other person is controlling me, and when I finally left I became a smarter, more caring, and a much happier person. I'm just a poor average Joe trying my best to take control of my life back, and I'm now my own leader, and no person shall ever use shameful, hurtful verbal, emotional, and collectively it adds up to psychological abuse. I implore you to escape while you can if you are held mentally captive by someone close to you who are intentionally controlling and using tactics such as (Gaslighting....Google It.) to keep you from living FREE as your God-Given human right to choose so.