Goatface Killah
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One day, I'd like to know that things will be better. Not good; not even the way I'd imagined them, in between the pages of a long-forgotten book.
But better - with the hope to match.
And I feel that way, a little - with you. Which might sound a little silly, but then - so I am, and so we are.

Summer was hot today; yesterday was, too. And yet, I...

Character art is best friend/robot Sprocket, courtesy of PersonWhoDrew! Who're they? Well...
Go find out, if you're curious - http://personwhodrew.deviantart.com/; I think they're practically a hero, and we're ever in need of more heroes. Oh, and as for what's in it for you?

Their work is amazing, and a guaranteed happiness charm. So, go on! Check it out!

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