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THE FOOL【pt.1 ; memento mori】

3 comments on THE FOOL【pt.1 ; memento mori】

This is an amazing, emotional mix. Just finished it and I'm gonna immediately listen to it again (and again and again). :D Very in-character and atmospheric - can't wait to listen your P4 mix. <3

@Cephied_Variable thank you so much, i always try to evoke the same kind of emotions/atmosphere that the original work inspires so it makes me incredibly happy to see this kind of response ♥ i hope you enjoyed the other mix as well!

This almost DID bring me to tears, especially Mikky Ekko's "FEELS LIKE THE END". This is a wonderful mix! They're such a strong group of kids, ughhhhh ;u;

ahhh thank you so much ;-; i'm on the verge of tears everytime i think about the p3 ending tbh these kids make me weak

This is ridiculously amazing, almost got tears in my eyes when We're not alone started playing! makes me miss this game so much :')

oh my gdo you're too sweet thank you so much ♥ i really wanted to do something since the movies are coming out ahhh cant wait to watch them

You're welcome darling!! and AHHH I KNOW I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR THEMMM I have such hard time imagining Minato talking hahah I can't believe this is happening :-DDDD