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A Historical Love


So I wanted to try making a all instrumental playlist for the Doctor and Rose. I made this to follow a certain pattern that follows their relationship through Doomsday. The songs begin by showing their developing relationship and when you hit Doomsday the music turns into a more darker feel of loss. I made this because I have a headcanon that the Doctor plays the piano for Rose and that they dance to music like this. Enjoy!

20 tracks
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I fell in love with it and I don't think I've even heard half of it yet. Brilliant, really! And you've introduced me to some instrumentals I hadn't heard before as well. Thanks a lot :)

@Illa123 Oh wow you made me speechless! I am so glad you like this playlist. So, really thank you for writing such kind words! I love instrumental and to know you loved it too means so much to me!

@GoodbyeVersailles Instrumentals are usually beautifully complex. They have to be in order to be able to convey emotion, there's no lyrics to fall back on. And they are such good catalysts, too. Perfect for those moments when you desperately need to focus , to silence your surroundings (and your own wandering thoughts as well). This playlist did that for me :D