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You will hear our voices echo - ENTJ

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@asteroidea Seriously? I guess I have to review some of the rules of English grammar (I'm a mere non-English speaker). Thanks, by the way, for both the appreciation and the correction.

@groundericah it technically could be either with the apostrophe or without it. it depends on whether echo is a noun and they mean "the echo of our voices" in which case the apostrophe is indicating possession, or if echo is a verb, in which case it's not necessary. i didn't think about that before now, though! and you're welcome. i found out i'm not an ENTJ but this still has a ton of fantastic songs.

although i'm an enfp, i have to say this playlist is the only one that describes me in so many levels. i also have to thank you for putting 'burning out' by thomston here!! definitely my favorite song from him. THANKS FOR THIS PLAYLIST OMG