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For When You're Depressed


Hi 8tracks, I'm Hannah and I have been suffering from depression for 7 years. This year has especially been hard, I tried to commit suicide in late august. I'd like to dedicate this mix to anyone with a mental health illness because 8tracks has really helped my difficult days. I am attempting to raise awareness through my blog by sharing my story: http://breakingthebelljarjourney.blogspot.com/ I hope these songs give you the courage to get through the day when all seems impossible.

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thank you for this wonderful mix. everything will get better with time, just keep your head up and remember the wonderful people at 8tracks will gladly be here to catch you if you fall <3

you're a beautiful soul and thank you for sharing your story and opening the conversation for others dealing with depression. I'm glad you chose life X

I am glad your still here to share your music. you have a special gift: a good ear for great music. I am sure you have many more, keep making us smile!