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It's Him


Playlist for 'him'. Alone and haunted by a child killer...

P.S this playlist was created before fnaf3 came out. I kinda called it ;)

  • Inspired by FNAF3 by "I Am Still Here"
  • Help I'm Alive by Metric
  • Creature Feature Bad Blood by Iceclaw77
  • Such Horrible Things by Toby&Kait'sChild
  • Come Little Children Katethegreat19 (Aka Sade sweet song) by Cars2htfsonicfan
  • Confrontation by Frank Wildhorn
  • I Can't Decide by Scissor Sisters
  • The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy
  • tally hall by Tally Hall
  • FNaF Song by MandoPony by "Just Gold"
10 tracks
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