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To Speak of Solitude


for the quiet moments spent in solitude, nuzzled in a cozy chair or sitting by the window of a cafe, for the sake of crafting stories or memorizing notes. may your imagination be boundless, your focus infinite, and above all, your solitude uninterrupted.

on tumblr: http://hearapianofallmixes.tumblr.com/post/139237084958/to-speak-of-solitude-a-writing-playlist-for-the

64 tracks
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I got this rec in an email from 8tracks. I find it soothing while it stays obediently in the background of my thoughts. It's on my list of favorites for listening while I work on my novel. Thank you for this.

@mistyaamen Oh thank you so much! I always look for playlists that evoke that exact feeling; I find it jarring when you have five songs in a row that are blissful and then a random song just throws off the mood. That inspired me to make this playlist and just have the songs that have always put me - and hopefully others - in a calm state of mind. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed this, so thank you again, and best of luck with your novel!