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Angel of Mine || Coffee Shop AU


Summary: Castiel is stressing out over his deadline for chapters of his upcoming novel and dealing with serious writer's block. He comes across The Roadhouse coffee shop and begins to become a regular after he overcomes his writer's block thanks to the aspiring musician (Dean) who sings at the shop, and their relationship blossoms from there.

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Guys!!! I'm so sorry I haven't posted the story yet!! But my laptop isn't working and now I'm stuck using mobile this entire time!! I'm in the planning on getting a new computer soon but I don't know when I will!

@ackIestiel Glad you like it! I'm still working on the fic and I want to finish it before i post any chapters up to avoid leaving it unfinished, but when i do finish i'll let you know! :)

@ackIestiel @Cas-in-your-Ass I'm still working on it! But I'm planning on posting the first chapter in November! I'll have the link for both ff.net and Ao3 in description/comments section by November and will be updating the fic bi-weekly :)