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hollow hours.

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Oh, this is gorgeous.

After the work I had to do this morning, this was the perfect mix to help me relax my body without having my mind go AWOL. It kept my mind active and thinking in an introspective sort of way, but it didn't make me feel any sense of urgency, nor did it start a restlessness in my limbs to get up and move with it. There are so many words to describe it but nothing quite hits the nail on the head: chill; mellow; soothing; even the seemingly-random tags you've used for this mix fit it. Indeed, several tracks brought a smile to my face in a wistful sort of way, sometimes through a small bought of melancholy, but never anything to truly affect my mood and have me depressed.

Honestly, this mix is just beautiful. I'm definitely going to save this one to my computer so I can listen to it on days when I need it. It seems like it would do well as a method of self-soothing, personally. Thank you so much for this. <3

Not anymore, no. There used to be this program that allowed you to download playlists, but it was taken down. This isn't a /huge/ deal, however, since as long as you know what the playlist consists of, you can go to iTunes or wherever to purchase the tracks and recreate it for yourself. (: