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2012 - 100 Of My Favourite Tracks


As the title of this mix kind of implies, these are my 100 favourite tracks of 2012 (more or less - no artists are featured twice). Featuring Lord Huron, Father John Misty, First Aid Kit and a shit tonne more.

More info: http://hi54lofi.com/blog/2012-100-of-my-favourite-tracks

100 tracks
3 comments on 2012 - 100 Of My Favourite Tracks

ya some kinda sadist, ain't ya, matey...?! Gone are the days when I could sit through 6hrs+ of tuneage. Music IS, of course, a VERY subjective thing and, as many of the bands I love seem to be known to nobody else but me (and I like it like that!) I'll be surprised if you've heard of 'em. Dunno WHY I'm even commenting; ya posted this nearly a year ago, it's not like you'll see this, is it...? I'm stalk... er, I mean FOLLOWING

I can see where the sadist comment comes from… as it can be a bit much not only putting together a list of 100 songs, but also listening to it. But then, I've always been a bit obsessed with making mix tapes and playlists, so the process is somewhat therapeutic. Plus I have a job where 6+ hours of music comes in handy. PS - if you think that this list was sadistic, wait until you see the 2013 mix (it's probably gonna be even longer). Cheers for the stalk… er FOLLOW!