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Stop Sleeping on High4


The tittle is self explanatory really. All their korean tracks (plus two english covers) that will make you fall in love with this amazing rookies. Listen to the playlist, love them, you won't regret it :)

I had to make a few changes to the playlist because 8tracks took the playlist down for having too many high4 tracks... Tune in because I will be making a playlist with all their korean tracks on youtube very very soon. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy their super k-pop lives and their covers.

8 tracks
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This playlist no longer has the same tracks it had when posted (8tracks took it down, sorry). The new trackslist is: 1 - Dead or Alive (Studio Version); 2 - Day By Day / Headache (Super Kpop); 3 - I'm Yours (Jason Mraz Cover); 4 - Baby Boy / Say Yes (Super Kpop); 5 - With You (Chris Brown Cover); 6 - Ordinary Day (G.O.D Cover); 7 - Headache / Without You (Super Kpop); 8 - D.O.A / Say Yes (Super Kpop). I am really sorry, but I spent over a month trying to re upload the tracks and it never let me :( hope you enjoy this playlist anyway and I hope you still check High4 out because they are really good and deserve it.

thank you for making this! if anything, this group deserves so much more attention! high4 fighting! :)