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Ophelia: Greek name meaning Help. Serpentine. In Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet who went insane as a result of his irrational behavior.
The savior who cannot be saved.
(a Sayaka Miki fanmix)
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  • Merman Emiliana Torrini by Emilia Torrini
    And if you want to dream with him, Just close your eyes, and hold your breath, And you'll find that you can breathe in water.
  • Into the Ocean by Blue October
    Let the rain of what I feel right now...come down Let the rain come down
  • Mermaid Yuna by Hejer Dehesh
    I'm so much stronger They will need to listen to what I have to say There's a bigger sea for a girl like me When I come back and trying to show some love
  • There's Nothing to be Sorry About by sgtmedion
    Oh, I could do so much more for you, you know, I can make you well if you just asked me to
  • The Fray Oceans Away by The Fray
    Figure since I'm so far gone, oceans away, I can lay my sabre down today.
  • Swallowed in the Sea by SarahTrad
    You cut me down to size And opened up my eyes Made me realize What I could not see
  • Seaweed Song by Tyler The Destroyer
    The currents pull me in The tide has reached my chin The seaweed tickles skin Just let the water win
  • Ocean of Noise by Arcade Fire
    Now who hear among us Still believes in choice? Not I!
  • Sea Of Heartbreak by Pierre Walch
    I'm like a lost ship, Adrift on the sea.
  • What the Water Gave Me by Florence + the Machine
    ‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress And a bargain must be made But oh, my love, don’t forget me When I let the water take me
  • Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) (BacauHouseMafia.Ro) by Skrillex
    Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough I don’t know why
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