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The Kurt And Slightly Aaurt Playlist


You told me not to wait up for you but I don't listen to shit like that, you were upset and it would have been an idiotic move to not do something for you when it is in my power to do something. I fucking love you, and you can be mad that I stayed up, or that I did this, but shush, I don't really care. I love you. So I hope these songs (Some of which I completely guessed on) that (Are damn good guesses) remind us of Kurt and Kurt with Aaron, make you smile and you can play it in the morning for noise, to feel like something is there. *Everything After Song 5/6 Is Totally Experimental And Hunter Gasping At Straws*

I fucking love you, you idiot. *^*


P.S. Thanks to fatey, I got ahold of the cover. I have my ways Randy.

I love you. *hug*

11 tracks
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