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Shh! I'm Studying!


A mix of wordless songs to study to~
"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful."
Natalie Portman
Scores from Doctor Who, Music Box versions of songs, famous movie themes, classical music from Hetalia, and more!

21 tracks
6 comments on Shh! I'm Studying!

absoluetly love scores and such! loved the mix! i used to have all the scores to all the harry potter movies:/ sadly they got deleted but now i can have a bit of those:] made me very happy! thanks:]

very rarely do I find an instrumentals mix that is upbeat and motivational when it comes to studying. It's like Mulan's "Let's Get Down to Business" except you can't stop to sing along, so it's even better when it comes to working. It gets my energy up, and all the songs are pleasing to the ear. It doesn't make me sleepy. This is amazing!