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Age of Myth


They say it was a time when beggars became heroes and deserts grew into cities of towering glass. They say that the people then could summon dragons from the mountains at the edge of the world, and wield the sky itself as a weapon.
They say it was a time when mankind brought the gods to their knees.

But that was before. And so very long ago.


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Every single piece on this playlist is pure platinum... I've never seen a playlist more deserving of this platinum standard than this :) Thanks for making our lives epic

Ok your mixes are so amazing and if you're writing all of their descriptions then can I just say should you ever decide to write a book I would read it in a HEARTBEAT!

@anon-1357177328 Thank you so much! Yes I write all the descriptions unless I give the name of an author - I'm working on several books slowly but surely.... :)