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fantasy tells no lies


in sleep there are no mysteries
that dash and dim the glass of dreams
there’s only time untold to eyes
for treading through such reveries
unwinds the truth for what it seems
and fantasy tells no lies

Cover art by Michal Karcz: http://www.michalkarcz.com/#!

  • Carlos Nakai (From Inner Voices) by Amazing Grace
  • Playfest 2014, Malaga by The Legend of Korra Suite
  • The House Of All Worlds by Dreamfall Chapters
  • Jeff Beal Storm's Coming by Mortavius
  • Sand, Wind & Stars by graphicsarea
  • ETHEL & Robert Mirabal by Chant
  • Trinity Chapel, Cambridge by King of Pride Rock
  • On Our Journey by Mary Youngblood
  • THE BANNER SAGA: Huddled in the Shadows by Austin Wintory
  • Playfest 2014, Malaga by Avatar the Last Airbender Suite
  • The Sacrifice (feat. Aeralie Brighton) by Ori And The Blind Forest OST
  • Dream Catcher by In a Distant Place
  • THE FORGE (ft. Malukah & Tina Guo) by Austin Wintory
  • Up The Spirit Caverns Walls Feat Tom Boyd by Ori And The Blind Forest OST
14 tracks
4 comments on fantasy tells no lies

Such a beautiful and inspiring mix of music. Really soothes when played in the background and brings forth a maelstrom of ideas when writing with this. Beautiful work <3