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mindgame heartattack soulpiece, death note fanmix

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This is giving me way too many feels. You're making my crack L/Light ship into an OTP GDI WHYYYYYY (it means i like it)

@InTh3End wow thanks glad you like the mix. I made this mix to try and capture L and Light as characters and the many aspects of their relations - not just in a 'ship' sense as my commentary details! I've tried to make it as applicable to the canon as I could whilst also working on the subtext of Lawlight ! I'm so glad you like :3 thanks for listening!!!

@IzWhizz28 (my computer is being weird blah) You did perfect! I think this mix goes well with both the canon situation and ship! :) (btw I'm titaniumshadow/god-of-your-world from tumblr haha I have this weird thing where I use a diff username for everything)