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"And now..."

• Updated e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶e̶p̶i̶s̶o̶d̶e̶ never, apparently, this playlist is my neglected child, I will update it tho, if you want me to just give me a heads up, like a message or something, maybe a comment idk.
• All songs up to ep. 100 + all 5 Bonus Episodes.
• In chronological order.
• Including songs from episodes "Condos", "The Debate", the L.A. Podcast Festival, the Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover, "'The Librarian' Horoscopes", Faceless Old Woman (R), A Story About You (R), "The Investigators" Live and The Woman from Italy (R)
• Also I'm not a scout or anything so I don't get special episodes nor do I know if those got weathers and if they do they clearly won't be here.

114 tracks
8 comments on Night Vale: The Weather

should I make different playlists for this? 8tracks policies are kinda blocked in my country so I can go through the songs as I please but I imagine for some of you guys it must be tiring waiting for the old songs to play to get to the new ones

Omg God bless u for making this I've been needing a playlist of all the weather songs but I could never find any that had past episode 30

@KattyTheRalph yeah, I've decided to make this playlist bc of exactly that! and you just reminded me that I needed to update, so thanks for that