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thought that we will be together forever..


I never be good enough for you...
Maybe....i won't....

I thought that "forever" is still exist since i 've met you..

정말 바보인가봐...
왜 난 널 잊지 못하는 걸까?

  • Thao Nguyen Xanh by Phuong Medley
  • Kevin kern by Kevin Kern
  • You And Me by Kevin Kern
  • 7 years of love piano cover by Nhac Si Leon Fung
  • 꿈으로 오는 한 사람 by 피아노 포엠
  • 달빛에 내 마음 흠뻑 적시네 by 피아노 포엠
  • 피아노 i by 피아노 I
  • 피아노 포엠 01.삼킬수 없는 슬픔 한조각 by Eum5924
  • 10 My Memory (Piano ver.) by user487365
  • Bi ga (Violin & Piano Ver.) by ngaokiemlangvan
  • Memory (In The Rain) by 불꽃심장
  • yiruma by Yiruma
  • 06. 그리워서... (Inst.) by mongngan
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6 comments on thought that we will be together forever..

타지에서 고생 많으시네요...
좋아해주셔서 감사드려요...
좋은 선곡하도록 노력해야겠어요..ㅎㅎㅎ