J Sooka Jung
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.......you promised.....


I bet you will never remeber

the things.....I will never forget....

You said..please don't forget to me...

and u promised.....

  • The Sentimental Mood by Po Bớt Giỡn
  • Ibyeolboda Seulpeunman (Violin Ver.) by icecreamkem
  • dropping rain piano violin by Amira Saleh
  • Sadness in my Heart by Piano Song
  • Sadness (Piano Version) by glorevenhite
  • Sadness Piano by Violin
  • Sad Piano Violin Composition by Vortex EDM
  • 꿈을 꾼 후에 Violin.ver by kim jong hwan
  • My Heart is Crying by Rusty Hearts
  • 03 It hurts here (Violin Ver.) by user2902038
  • 너에게 보낸 내 마음 by Yiruma
11 tracks