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I've loved you from the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve...


Songs from Skins series 3 and 4. Naomily bliss starts at track 14. See my comment below for a listing of when in (or out of) the show the tracks appear.

29 tracks
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1. An appropriate introduction
2. From an e4 Series 4 promo
3. From a BBC Winter/Spring Drama show reel
4. S4e3 A variation of this track plays during Cook’s trial.
5. S4e4 The Fitch family makes up.
6. S4e2 The sad ending when Emily cries
7. S3e4 At the end of the fabulous pajama party
8. S3e8 During Effy’s episode where they go camping and psychedelic things happen
9. S3e9 At the love ball before Emily gives the “I love…her” speech
10. S3e9 Before the twins get ready to go to the ball
11. S3e6 School assembly
12. Both this track and number 14 are from a particularly lovely mash-up Youtube video
13. ^see above
14. S3e1 Plays when we first meet Emily as she’s getting ready for her first day at Roundview
15. S3e6 Naomi wakes up at the beginning of her episode
16. S3e6 Emily helps Naomi with her presidential campaign
17. S3e6 Oiiillllsssssssssss scene on Naomi’s bedroom floor
18. S3e6 Naomi cries while she discovers Emily’s note before she wakes up with her name on her face
19. S3e6 Emily and Naomi ride their bikes down the dreamy country road to the lake
20. S3e6 The ‘blowbacks’ scene by the lake
21. S3e6 Naomi takes an emotional shower
22. S3e6 Naomi and Emily hold hands through the catflap
23. S3e9 Happy ending at the Love Ball
24. S3e9 Opening scene when Emily sassily enters school dressed as Katie
25. S3e9 At the Love Ball
26. S4e2 Emily gives the postman an eye-full
27. S4e2 Naomi and Emily ride around on the scooter
28. S3e9 Naomi and Emily in Emily’s bedroom
29. S3e4 Pandora’s mom prepares the brownies
30. From a Youtube video called ‘Emily Fitch is Adorable’
31. S4e9 Plays after Naomi gives her big “I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you. I think I was 12” speech