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False Awakenings


A dark fantasy/horror, exploring in a roundabout way whether our own experiences prove that some thing is real. A girl wakes up one night, still in her bed, but in a world she doesn't recognise. Everything is crumbling and covered in dust, untouched for years. She wakes again in the normal world. The pattern continues. She begins to wonder which world is real, or whether this is an expansion of earlier mental health problems. In the sleep world, she finds humans, but they are enveloped in some kind of pod, which is keeping them healthy and 'alive', but when she tries to save them from the pod, they do not survive. She finds that they have died in the real world too. She begins to realize that there are also monsters in the night-time world.

A NaNoWriMo by IOweYouPain.

20 tracks
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