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The Art Of Technomancy


A 2018 NaNoWriMo by jsgunn.

On a backwater planet on the very cusp of the frontier lives Summer Ricasso. The daughter and apprentice of a highly respected machinist and unbeknownst to her, the first human Fabricator, a type of mage who can craft technological marvels with ease. Humans play a unique role in this setting, as they are the only species to achieve interstellar spaceflight without the use of magic. While now some few humans are able to use lesser magics learned from other species, humans have never had anything so grand as a Fabricator.

Summer rapidly becomes embroiled in conflict as several factions fight to control her. She must flee from home with the aid of a Sen (lizard person alien) Fabricator who has vowed to protect her, a hired Dragon Knight and a technomage.

20 tracks
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