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Mount Holyoke Playlist (The Junior Album)


The next playlist following the Sophomore Album! Here is the third playlist of all the music that I heard while I was studying abroad in London for a year. Although, I was not at Mount Holyoke for my junior year, MHC was always in my mind and in my heart. Not only did I hear these songs from my London flatmates, on the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus and from the street performers at Trafalgar Square, but these songs were also recommendations from my friends back at Mount Holyoke. Thanks to my year abroad, these songs reminded me that Mount Holyoke is a great place with the best group of people that I had ever met. Here, I present to you all 65 songs that had made me nostalgic for my Mount Holyoke sisters, with a little bit of that London twist. (Duration: 65 Songs 3 Hours and 46 Minutes)

65 tracks
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