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Epic Anime


A selection of epic anime music. A mix for killing titans, battling wizard guilds, doing homework, fighting hollows, writing, pulverizing enemies with your mind powers, daydreaming, practicing ninja skills, playing video games, hunting creatures of grimm, exorcising demons, etc. Will be updated once in a while. Enjoy :)

*Just added One Punch Man songs!!!

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80 tracks
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This is hands down one of my favorite playlists, thanks so much for making this! You should make another/update this one through some of the recent anime seasons :D

Pandora Hearts!! I knew this mix was gonna be great, but coming across ph on the second track made it an instant fave lmao. Love this !

@RavensBell I gotcha ;) I added Theme of Garo, Flaming Golden Knight (Honoo No Ougon Kishi), and Unpredictable Reversal (Dai Gyakuten). Thanks for your suggestion!