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Those sad moments


  • 04 Leave out All the Rest by QueenBri_82
  • Candleburn by Dishwalla
  • Shattered /MTT Version\ ♥ by Trading Yesterday
  • Wonderland by Kill the Complex
  • Knockin on heavens door by Stairway To Heaven
  • » Heartbreak Story by The Wanted
  • Glorious by Andreas Johnson
  • 9 Crimes by Damien Rice
  • from the album "Judgement" by Illusion
  • Therapy by basicallylarry
  • Arrival Of The Birds (Dark Version) by Sovocraine
  • A Sunset Serenade by Hide Vincent
  • The No Seatbelt Song by brandnewrock
  • By The Edge Of God by LokiGod0fMischief
  • frozen..... (madonna) by Sylvia McEwen
15 tracks
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