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Violet's Playlist: You Start Here

6 comments on Violet's Playlist: You Start Here

Still cant get over the book. Literally just washing dishes then remembering what happened to finch then crying. Such a heartbreakingly amazing novel. So excited for this playlist!

First of all: your book left me thinking, sobbing, smiling and sobbing some more. Brilliant work of your's, just as brilliant as these character playlists. <3 Also: JONAS BROTHERS. Nostalgia hit me right in the face, haha!

WOw, I love how you put 'I'm gonna be (500 miles) in both of their playlists but gave Finch the more rough one, and Violet the sad, heavy and sweet, more symphonic one. Ironic how the band is "sleeping at last" and Finch tries to stay awake :)

Your playlist forms the pictures of Finch and Violet in my heart and connects me to your book. What a stoke of genius to connect us to the sound of music and voice!

Great playlist for a great book and a great character:)! It makes me so happy that I'm not the only person who makes playlists for my own characters aha:')

@writeathingy Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it, and so happy to hear that you create playlists for your characters as well! Great minds... :)