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For the matches of Nabokov, and the fast cars of Camus-- For the things that eat us alive, and regarding coincidence and déjà vu, I dedicate a symbolic mix of classical minimal, Romanian, Eastern European and modern composers— all mellow and mysterious. Perfect for a mausoleum of matches or to wear Anne Sexton’s fur coat on a night drive.

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This is by far my favorite mix on this site. I have an extremely broad spectrum of tastes when it comes to music, but this is the only mix I can listen to all the way through. It's soothing and intriguing at the same time. It evokes such an array of feelings and memories, I love it, thank you!!!

ahhh! I am so sorry, I never received notification of your comment-- sorry for the delayed reply! But thank you for your sweet comment!!! I am so glad you appreciate the play list! Music is so amazing isn’t it, and so tied to our emotions and memories—thanks again, for your comment! Many blessings and much good music your way. :)