john love
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Après le travail


Slow, strong and soothing beats to relax and let go.


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23 tracks
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What a gorgeous playlist! Music like this is my favourite for stretching and warming up to, so I'm always excited when I stumble across new tracks I enjoy. Thank you! xo

Hey, love the playlist. A long time ago, did you publish a playlist called starry night or something like that? It had a guy with face paint mimicking Van Gogh's starry night and it was techno themed. I loved it but cannot find it anymore which is a shame.

@Diracismyhomeboy Hey. Thanks for the props. Yeah it was made by me but unfortunately 8tracks deleted it because of some licensing - problems. Too bad! ):

@john love Its weird: I cant see this comment section on the mix, but I received a two messages with the link in both, so I definitely have it, thanks so much again!