21 comments on Music for the studying mind vol. 7 by johnno07

"Bagger always said it is a game that can't be won only played. So I played. I play on. I play for the moments yet to come. Looking for my place in the field." (Cue "Old Hardy Joins Bagger by the Sea," as your heart gets crushed into ten thousand pieces.)

@Annie0007 And this is what a good movie score is all about. Listening to it and instantly being transported back to that moment in the film.

Exactly what I needed. This is so perfect, beautiful and extraordinary. Has *this something*, the feeling of home and in the same the adventure. It feels so great to know there is still so much incredible music to discover. Thank you, dude!

You are most welcome! I'm so glad I was able to show off even just a bit of the amazing music that is out there. All the best! :)

Haha I really have no clue of how the tertiary education system works in the US. Here in Aus this mix is about a month too late, but mid December seems to be right for you guys.

Your timing is epic. This mix is just in time to help me study for my philosophy final. Even more epic than your timing are your mixes, they kick some serious procrastination a$$.
Thank you!!! =D