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30 Year old DJ/Selector/Producer. He has been around the world studying, compiling ,and innovating various genres of electronic music. From an early age he started attending/spinning at countless private events, clubs, raves, and festivals. A "Selector" DJ by trade he displays a great understanding of the more metaphysical elements of sound to enhance any environment he chooses to be apart of. Through his meticulously customized playlists and uncanny ability to read a crowd, he has surpassed the needs of every event he is apart of, and at times if he feels there is a better suited DJ/Artist, he does not hesitate to book them himself,. "I like to think that DJ's are a different breed of musicians, more united, and I like to treat other DJ's as colleagues rather than my competition" -Johnny Jaded.

Using creative approaches and incorporating psychological elements, Jaded magiclly engulfs event goers and has been known to attract quite a obscure and exceptionally mixed crowd.

From Industrial Goths, to Candy Ravers, Hipster Hackers to Club Kids alike.

Jaded knows no boundaries when it comes to the fusion of whatever subcultures he encounters. On the rare occasion he chooses to spin, the date is not to be missed. He is progressively ambitious and demonstrates a surreal attention to his programming, Ambiance, and overall impact.