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Yeah, you right!


For your backwater Bayou barbecues and those heated games of booray with your great-Aunt Mellette and Uncle Etienne.

Mix features Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque and more accordion than you'll ever know what to do with.

10 tracks
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I haven't too far into this territory, so this was a nice introduction! Most of my accordion music is of the Mexican variety, which I understand originally comes from German immigrants settling in Texas. Music sure is a many-storied wonder. Cheers!

Growing up, my dad owned the only Louisiana import store in Toronto. We even named our cats Jazz and Zydeco. Ha. Anyway, he's since gone out of business, but the store's ghost still lurks around in the form of this stuff in my music library. :p

I'm super pleased it could be a nice intro for you, though! It's really fun music. Maybe that's a natural byproduct of accordions? I have to admit, I don't think I know much about Mexican variety. Maybe I should go poking around your mix vault and see if I can dig some up!

I do find it interesting about the German thing. Especially since zydeco is pretty much a result of French Canadian immigrants settling in Louisiana. I guess it just fascinates me what a hot-bed for music innovation that area of the U.S. was due to the mixing of all those different cultures. Of course, the circumstances surrounding it were shitty, but some real gems worked their way out of all that shit.

Blah blah anyway, sorry for the wall of text. It's just so much fun talking about this stuff!

Cute cat names! And I'll dig it up for you, though I'm in short supply! This mix, "Los Sonidos del México Antiguo," has some accordion in it, though most of it is filled with acoustic guitars: https://8tracks.com/spacebunnysounds/los-sonidos-del-mexico-antiguo

Oh wow...thanks for the suggestions! Also, definitely going to check out this cactusdoink fellow. Really enjoying the tex mex flavour! Haha