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Peace and Love

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You know they say you can always jugde a movie on its first 5 mins.. well first song in and youve caught my attention.. only just ;) hopefully the playlist follows through with such gooodness.. I'll keep listen and give my expert opion at a later stage.. for the mean time.. Jam dat Bass man

@RollingUpHappiness oI hope the goodness and the bass has followed through and managed to carry on capturing a small amount of your attention... I anxiously await for your expert opinion and look forward to hearing what you have to say... As for jammin' dat bass... Always

@kates02 listen.. for starters i would like to propose the idea of replacing you profile picture with an image that captures one's attention much more than the current one.. The first step to a good dish is appearance.. Ones profile picture describes the one behind such masterpieces (playlists), its like your signature.. for one cannot fully describe where they are until they are able to describe there path leading up to the present.. Choose it wisely.. next.. I like the beats that you have strung together, however it can use a bit of fine tuning but nothing that cant be fixed.. Keep that bad ass bass up and dont be scared to through some other genres in there to add some texture to the artwork. (tropical house, ect). it complements the true genres when they appear.. other than that.. you on the right path, keep it up and you'll soon my have me in your sights ahead ;)...