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Late Nights in the Lab


Heya! Tadashi here! Obviously, that's me over there in the selfie! (Promise, I don't look that bad in real life!) I'm a student at SFIT (or as my younger brother calls it, "nerd school"), so I have to work through lots of late nights. That's why I made this playlist. I posted it online so people like you (yes, you!) could also use it! Maybe it'll help you keep on working so you can create something awesome, too!

2/24/15 - Hiro was here! - PS - Your music is almost as nerdy as you, Tadashi! >:P

25 tracks
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ok when things we lost in the fire came out i started laughing and sobbing at the same time how could you do this to me

am i crying. i'M CRYING. this is painful and hilarious and woiewewoeie SO GOOD. my heart literally aches right now with love for tadashi so hi i'm ded.