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Studying needs a soundtrack too.


Exams coming up, stress all around, you'll need a mix to keep you grounded, eh? Let's start by not panicking.
Thirteen tracks including music by Band of Horses, Belle & Sebastian and Broken Bells.

13 tracks
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I will have in few days the most important exam in my post college phase, but for now i will thank you a lot for this playlist ... i dont know if i gonna approve, but im having a
very productive study time with this songs :) ... best regards from mexico

To Clayfreak08, wow..I literally don't know what to say. Thank you for this. I know what you mean with having a playlist defining a whole part of your life. I hope whatever you're going through is getting better and that you're doing okay. Thanks again for your words.

Wanted to take a minute to let the maker of this playlist know how much it means to me. Early last year when I was going through a lot of feelings of loneliness and depression and shit I always listened to this, and every song just soothed me. Now whenever I listen to it I want to cry just because of the memories, and because of the beauty in every song. It means a whole lot more to me than just being a studying playlist; it kind of defines that time in my life, good and bad. And I know that I can fall back onto it whenever I need something to be there. So thank you.