Kendol Bacchus brings to today’s world music soundscape, a pianism that is eclectic, melodic and deeply emotional. His varying approaches to piano music offer unique poetic genres and colours. You will find his music to be both reflective and introspective.

Born in the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1967, when music was going through all kinds of interesting changes. Song writers in the pop world were exploring new harmonies, electronica and instrumentation. This world surrounded Kendol as he grew up where he was wired and tuned into an extreme mix of classical music at home, to pop music on the radio with strong Afro centric influences of the West Indies and the American sound of those times. This all alongside the most varying and amazing church based music.

Improvising from his single digit years and playing Beethoven and Mozart from around age 10, Kendol saw the piano in his home as an orchestra. ‘Old and worn as it was’ he embraced all 88 keys, moving back and forth between his fascination for the Classical composers with what he in hindsight views as the prophetic revolutions of Chopin and the pianos sound identity.

Kendol experienced a ‘school of music’ for the next few decades; experimenting with Christian contemporary music, studying classical music, accompanying soloists and choirs, and playing by ear every genre of music he felt drawn to from the radio.

He was officially a church musician from his early youth. By age 18, he had passed Grade 8 in both classical Piano and Music Theory from the Royal Schools of Music in London, had won best piano and solo instrumental performance categories in his National Music festival, and was singing in and accompanying the top choir in St. Vincent.

At 19 years of age Kendol was selected by Grammy award nominee Wintley Phipps to accompany him in a live gospel concert in Trinidad. He also appeared in the Jamaica Music Industries Award show in 1991.

While accompanying choirs in both Trinidad and Jamaica, he headed his own singing groups where he could keep exploring his love for playing by ear, improvising on Christian and easy listening pop, and developing skills playing classical music.

By 1992, Kendol joined the prestigious Andrews University Singers in Michigan, USA, and alongside his studies in Biology, continued to lead singing groups and play more advanced classical piano.

It was after his Masters degree that he left the West and lived in South Korea for 14 years. There he was exposed to more diverse arts and refined his style, drawing on music of the West from the 80’s & 90’s and being inspired by the discipline he found in Asia for classical and Eastern ideas. Following that, he had what he describes as his ‘silent year’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kendol has traveled extensively, both creating and performing music in the USA, Australia, Asia and the UK. He accompanied recording artist Sandra Entermann of Australia both on television, on her CD album “Treasure”, and through multiple concert appearances in the US, Australia and South Korea. He also worked with American singer Cynthia Winthrop as her pianist and arranger for her album “Higher”.

Recording at Twelve Oaks studios in Atlanta, Three Angels Broadcasting Network television studios in Illinois, Grevillea studios in, Brisbane, Australia and alongside Adrian Westney Jr. of Westprod studio and Westney Productions in Maryland, the journey for Kendol has been a really versatile and pleasurable one. His most recent work is a piano solo project “Altar Call” recorded in the UK at Alice’s Loft Music in Camden, London. He also recently appeared live in-concert with Janice Chandler-Eteme, Adrian Westney Jr. and the Orchestra of St.Paul’s in London.

At home, Kendol has played the major world class resorts of Mustique, as well as on the other islands of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Having been commissioned for private entertainment for the Bill and Melinda Gates family Kendol has also had musicians and singers such as Bryan Adams among his holiday evening audiences.

Kendol currently holds a Diploma in Piano Performance from the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music in London. However, apart from classical music, he is now most interested in bringing his personal touches to the keys towards therapeutic and well being applications as well as towards the nurture of worship and spirituality. He seeks to make God always his primary audience.