Is this playlist safe for work?


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Hey again:) if you have that mix's (silhouettes you drew) pic or screenshot's, before you remake the list can you send me that pic.?Yes I know I can't waiting to listen that mix again:)))

Hey,In your profile there is a list that named ''silhouettes you drew''. I loved that list but I cannot find it in there. Pls, make in touch with me. That is favorite list all of my life!!!

@Gamzevar Yea I know that one was my fav too!!! 8tracks took it down because I had more than 3 tracks by the same artist on it but I am planning to remake it and just get rid of a few tracks! I'll be sure to link you to it when I remake it tho!!!! <3

@kidsantlers Good news! Because, sometimes when you lose a song or songs you feel like you lost your old memories. I'll wait you . And thank you so much!!! <3