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2 comments on ECM

thank you so much for sharing your beautiful taste,
sweet kobi:)
i do love 'Sun bear concerts'..:))
and loved 'Nana' 'Pèlerinage'..'Jacques Loussier Trio' and, and..:)..lots of *beauties* here!
i'm sure i'll be right back. have a beautiful day dear kobi.:)

always welcome dearest Aki and thanks so much you too for your beautiful music and kindness :))
btw i added today "Savina Yannatou – Yasemin" here hope you like
best for you

thank you so much dearest kobi:))
how nice, i do love this...very beautiful.:)) i hadn't ever heard her music until i started listening to your blips kobi, and i still remember the beautiful song..*Ganchum Em Yar Ariknow* I respect you...have a lovely day.;)

much thank you, my dear:)) you are, too..and also, you are mysterious kobi..;) time for me to say good night :)xo

i know i have to go to bed right now...thank you very much my dear:)
btw have you listened to the album 'personal mountains' by Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek #ECM kobi?:) i have this album, so i can UL on here.:) i'm sure i have to go to bed now..5:00am..g'nite:)xo

only "Late Night Willie"
you know they both are my so very fav musicians it's so nice of you sweetie, thanks so much Aki
smiles and kisses :))

g'mornin there dear kobi:)
i added my favorite on the top.. http://8tracks.com/aki_lvmsc/all-my-lovin-piano-and K.Jarrett / J.Garbarek / P.Danielsson / J.Christensen ~ Innocence i hope you like it...btw, i like 'Late Night Willie', too.;)
i always appreciate your kindness. have a beautiful day.*smiles and kisses*:))