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the lonely wanderer


For the mad man, for the sad man,
this is for my Doctor, blue, who is alone with two hearts torn in two.

15+ tracks that remind me of the 11th reincarnation of the Doctor.

19 tracks
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omg the eleventh doctor is one of my favorite, favorite characters and I already have 90% of these songs on my iphone. A+++ playlist.

I agree, he was my first and favorite Doctor on the show and he means a whole lot to me! Thank you so much!

i love this playlist!!! you have introduced me to some hidden treasures thank you! i just wish i could get this same version of "run" by daughter on itunes. oh well.

thank you so much! i actually came into the 8tracks community wanting to listen to new genres and music and im glad that i could do the same for you!

wow you did an amazing job of representing the doctor with music like just wow this is great. especially run with the bit about two hearts beating, like obviously the song means two people but the line works great for the doctor just wow