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I'm one of twenty eight,
young ballerinas with the Bolshoi.

The training is hard,
but the glory of soviet culture
and the warmth of my parents--

No… No. That’s not right…

I'm one of twenty eight,
Black Widow agents with the Red Room.

The training is hard,
but the glory of soviet supremacy,
and the warmth of my parents--

a descent into your progamming

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6 comments on 1/28

Okay, I really want to know. You have a version of Gone on here, but I can't find that version anywhere! It doesn't sound like the version from Snow White and the Huntsman.. Where could I find it?

@thestarkinator Honestly i've been going crazy trying to find it myself since 8tracks is breaking up with Soundcloud soon and the only place I could find it is there... Far as I know it's by a woman called Inky Chérie who is an amateur singer, but she doesn't have this cover on her Youtube channel... I'll keep on looking but right now I'm on the same boat as you :(((

@labyrinthinification that's so annoying, ugh. thank you so much! It's such a beautiful version of the song! I was searching for it like a mad man but every cover of it seems to be at least two keys below this one. I just love her voice! Thank you so much!!

Literally 8tracks won't let me listen to this again but like this is just so great and I get so excited you are perfect