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OUR CREW- The Great Sealand Takeover


“I'd say the four of us are proof that you can be both badass and extremely gay with ease.”

For the remarkable fanfiction "The Great Sealand Takeover" by whalehuntingboyfriends.

15 tracks
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THIS WAS GREAT thank you so much for making it! I really loved the mix of genres and the inclusion of some instrumental pieces ehehe. I especially liked Feel Good Inc, Little Talks, If I Die Young, We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed, Redbeard, Blue Lips and Memories aha - also both the songs from Skyfall bc with spy things in the cold war there was a divide between the glamourised Bond novels and grittier more realistic things like Spy Who Came In From The Cold showing the darker side of the espionage they were doing, and the Skyfall movie seemed to fall back towards that in its mood and style (compared to the previous two Craig movies at least) so. It fit really well because Spy influenced a lot of Ryan's characterisation in sealand ahaha. /nerd ramble over/ ANYWAY thank you so much again, I will definitely be back to listen to this over and over aha <3 ~whb

@8ofhearts OH MY GOSH AUTHOR COMMENT GAH. I cannot thank you enough for your extremely kind words and oh wow, I'm a bit lost for what to say! I'm so happy you liked it and I know I already left a review/rant on the story itself, but I just want to say again how extraordinary it is. Words fail me in describing it accurately. I'm so happy you liked the Skyfall stuff and no worries, I love ranting about that kind of stuff too- and the Bond soundtracks- especially of late- have that special kind of badass sound that I felt fit your characters- oh yes, especially Ryan- perfectly. THANK YOU once again <3 (P.S. I just finished your AH Zombie Apoc. AU fic and can I just say that you can do no wrong as a writer and everything you produce is a pleasure to read, so yep)