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Humorously Operating

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My best friend is really awkward and nerdy so I thought this would be good for her. Enjoy you sack of meme-y beans! ʕ̡̢̡̡̢̡̡̢♡ᵒ̴̷͈艸ᵒ̴̷͈॰ʔ̢̡̢̢̡̢̢̡̢✧

  • I Got Hurt Feelings by Flight of the Conchords
  • Nerd vs. Geek by Epic Rap Battle
  • itll be akward by dj nympho bazz
  • Flathead by The Fratellis
  • Hell Yeah! (Original Mix) by Tiesto & Showtek
  • What What In The Butt by Leopold Butters Stoch
  • Wishery by Freethink3r
  • your by All
  • Strong Tigger Kush Kush (Take U To Da Movies Remix) by Alex Beltz
  • Rob Cantor (FULL) by Shia LaBeouf
  • Potter Puppet Pals The Mysterious Ticking Noise by Lars Nordberg
  • L.A. PUSSY POP (ORIGINAL MIX) by here2make_u_smile
  • Majorleaguewobs Does The Watermelon Wii Theme Thing by HENTAI DUDE
  • Wii Theme, Excision Kevin's awesome remix by Dj Kevin Slivsgaard
  • Do It For The Vine (#NaeNae Remix) by @EUGENETHEDREAM
15 tracks
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